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The upgraded, award-winning cordless vacuum now features Anti Hair Wrap Technology and innovative Forward Inertia Drive, whilst delivering up to one hour of runtime.

Featuring patented AirLOC Technology, the AirRAM Platinum is designed to collect large debris as you push forwards and then form a seal on the backstroke, effortlessly tackling embedded hair and fine dust. Super efficient. Super clean.

Powered by an enhanced 22V lithium-ion battery, the AirRAM Platinum has an impressive runtime of up to 1 hour and charges in less than 3 hours. The battery’s 4-stage LED display shows you how much charge is left too. Easy-peasy.

The AirRAM Platinum is easy to store. There are no cables to tangle, and the upper handle can be lowered to suit your storage needs too. They’ve also made the battery removable, so you can charge it discreetly and keep your home free from clutter.

LED headlights along the front of the AirRAM Platinum illuminate the way as you clean, exposing any dust you’ve missed, while the brush bar gets into those awkward corners and along skirting boards.

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