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Take a few moments before closing your eyes to take care of your skin and maximise your sleep and overnight recovery. A simple step to better sleep and long-term skin health and vitality.

Keep This Work’s nourishing body whip by your bedside and apply with care before switching off the lights for ultimate body-mind relaxation.

Hemp Seed Extract and Copper PCA help support skin microbiome, whilst Shea Butter nourishes and hydrates all areas of the body. The award-winning Deep Sleep fragrance combined with Magnesium will help improve sleep quality for a more restful night.

Bringing together great skin and great sleep, This Work’s deep sleep body whip is blended with their Deep Sleep functional fragrance, which has the potential to encourage a pre-disposition towards sleep, as an fMRI study revealed. Our panel tested deep sleep body whip for 28 days and found it to be nourishing and smoothing. They also said this product helped them feel relaxed before bedtime, making it the perfect de-stressing treat.

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