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Introducing an advanced charging solution – the PowerCore, featuring cutting-edge technology to deliver rapid charging to a diverse range of mobile devices through its 18W USB-C port, equipped with PowerIQ 3.0. This exclusive technology supports both Power Delivery and Quick Charge, ensuring high-speed charging for various gadgets.

With its versatile charging capabilities, the PowerCore offers the convenience of simultaneous wireless charging for your phone while replenishing its own battery when connected to an 18W charger. It’s a portable wireless charging solution, ready to keep you powered up on the go.

Safety is paramount, and the PowerCore incorporates the Superior MultiProtect system, encompassing essential features like foreign-object detection, short-circuit protection, and temperature control. Users can rely on this comprehensive safeguarding to charge their devices with absolute peace of mind.

A unique built-in stand enhances the PowerCore’s functionality, revealing a small hook that can be deployed from the battery’s side. This allows users to prop up their phones while enjoying videos or multimedia content hands-free.

No need to remove your phone case for charging convenience. The PowerCore supports charging through phone cases up to 5 mm thick, ensuring you can power up hassle-free. However, it’s essential to note that cases made of metal, as well as external attachments like magnets, credit cards, grips, and stands, may interfere with the charging process.

Experience the freedom of on-the-go wireless charging with the PowerCore. Simply place your Qi-certified phone, earbuds, or any other compatible device at the center of the charging pad, and enjoy the convenience of wireless power anywhere you go.

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