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The UK coins that we use every day are changing.

As we enter a new Carolean era, both the ‘heads’ and ‘tails’ of our circulating coinage will now have brand new designs.

From the 1p to the £2, eight new coins have been authorised by HM treasury and approved by King Charles III.

The brand-new coins feature wildlife designs including the flowers of the four nations, bees, a salmon, a puffin, a capercaillie, oak leaves and acorns, a red squirrel and a dormouse. Together they represent themes of conservation, something that is close to the King’s heart.

Best of all, these coins are the most sought-after ‘first strikes’, available in superior Brilliant Uncirculated Quality – meaning they will be free of any scratches and marks you’ll find on the coins in your change – with an important ‘Privy Mark’ on the coins obverse.

These new coins will gradually replace the current circulating designs, but you’re unlikely to find them in your change for some time.

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